Target SDK30 Android Issue

Hello there!

Any of you already met this issue to solve by chance?
This is happening in the google console when trying to release a APK with an sdk target in manifest at 30.


I fixed the problem by targeting to 29 for the moment , but I’m starting to worry about the moment when Google will ask for a minimum target 30…

Is it something to have with updating a signature? do you have any advices on it? how to?

Is target 30 actually a thing? What Android version is this?

Also: does the same error appear both in old and new consoles?

Looks like it has something to do with Signing V2

I’m sure by the time Google requires Target 30, Harman will provide this signing V2, whatever it is.

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We’ve only just ticked over to 29 so I wouldn’t be too worried about targetting 30 yet. Still a while off before that will be a requirement.


Was uploading my game’s update and noticed that Enhance now has V2 sining. Perhaps that’s what Google mentioned in their requirements for Target 30?