Testflight - Black bar left and right - Launch Images?

So i submitted a new beta-version of my app to Testfligh and now it appears with black bars on the left and right side.

My app is only in landscape mode and i have all necessary launch images included.

I did work before and i had done no changes which could have happend this.

When i install it over ./adt.exe i have no problem and the app starts in fullscreen.

I read that launch images are not supported anymore after April 2020
Do i need to create a launchscreen.storyboard?

Does anybody else experienced similar behaviour?

it seems you are missing a couple ones Default-Landscape-896h@2x.png, Default-Landscape-414w-896h@3x.png, etc.

see Setting mobile application properties, search “iOS launch images”

yes, by April 2020 your app will certainly get rejected if it does not follow Apple guidelines

in January 13, 2020
Apple news posted a remainder

Building Adaptive User Interfaces for iPhone and iPad

January 13, 2020

Apps should look great on all models of iPhone and iPad, regardless of display size or aspect ratio. With features like Xcode storyboards and Auto Layout, your app’s interface elements and layouts automatically fit the display. As announced at WWDC19, starting April 2020, apps submitted to the App Store must use an Xcode storyboard to provide the app’s launch screen and must have an interface that supports any display size.

Support for Multitasking on iPad is strongly encouraged. Adding support for multiple windows, and adopting Multitasking capabilities, including Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture, will ensure your app delivers a modern and complete experience on iPadOS.

Learn about designing adaptive interfaces

Learn about multitasking on iPad

imho what you’re experiencing is the classic letterboxing because some launch screen sizes are missing

see Adapting to Changes in Context

Thank you for your detailed answer.

I didn’t notice that some launch images are missing.

So what i will do now is including the missing images, that my app runs in fullscreen mode on all devices for now.
After a successful submission to Testflight, i will create an launchimage.storyboard in XCode.

Do you habe experience with creating an launchimage.storyboard for Flash or in general?

I tried the following tutorial.

But i am having some issues.
The Storyboard is not shown correct if displayed as IPhone 11, changing orientation, etc.

Maybe you have some useful links, because i didn’t find much help after my research or i am not looking for the right termns.

first, do you have a macOS environment to test with?
either a VM or another machine but it HAVE TO run macOS

doing that from Windows is … well …

other thing possible to do is simply ask Harman if they plan to support it or not

Yes i have a macOS environment with XCode 11.3.1

It is supported since AIR SDK 27 if i am right.

The problem is that its not correct displayed in the IPhone 11 simulator.
No idea what could i do to fix it. Maybe wrong resolution of the image, wrong scaling, etc.

But i think its pretty much what i am asking for, anyway thank you for your answers and help :slight_smile:

look into https://github.com/henriquearthur/flutter_native_splash

Automatically generates native code for adding splash screens in Android and iOS.
Customize with specific platform, background color and splash image.

you can see sources/templates to generate those splash screens


also from NativeScript Creating App icons and Launch Screens for iOS
and Building an iOS App Without Xcode’s Build System (using Swift)

I’m not at all into mobile app dev nowadays but if I needed to support that for an app with AIR, I would study the format, and take different command-line tools so from some templates I can generate those icons and launch screens, like what is doing flutter_native_splash above.

Thank you very much for your answer.

I had some of the links already, but the other one really helped me.
Didn’t successfully create a working storyboard yet, but i am getting closer