The 64-bit requirement on play store


How does this affect current and future adobe air apps on google play? I cannot find anything official from Adobe…


the deadline is August 2019, by then Adobe will have updated AIR to be able to publish 64-bit Android apps.


If you see the AIR releases history, it’s predictable that AIR 64-bit for Android will be released just before the dead line.
It’s not a huge problem, because the 32 bits will not disappears from the night to day.
You simple cannot release new apps and updates in 32 bits mode, so just update AIR and you will be ready to go.

If there is any guarantee or at least confirm: No and this is the reason why people are freaking out.

Every quarter Adobe release a new update (based on updates history of the last years) but without any roadmap (the last one have now a few years).


Well to honest, the lack of any official info about it, worried me…

EDIT: Also, I suppose it could be possible to get a time extension, like unity got…


Also look at the historic of AIR updates

they did not have huge issues to update to iOS 64-bit, same for Windows 64-bit
I doubt Android 64-bit would create “impossible problem to solve”



Let’s be honest, their communication is the worst I know so far.
However, their frequently updates (important or not) are delivery.
iOS faced the same issue and was fixed in time.
Windows 64 bits the same even without a store demanding a date. Important but without a dead line.

However, yes, the lack of official statement it’s an issue and it’s the reason why many abandon AIR.
It’s not a technology issue, AIR kick ass of many other solutions BUT mobile demands a different approach.


I saw this in an animate cc facebook group.

Is that true?


Was really and still am worried about this ,until I started peeping at Xamarin :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:t5:


Really !
Me too.

I spent the last days studying Xamarin after decided to go for it and next month I will start recreating a Flex/AIR App with Xamarin.

I will continue using AIR but now exclusively for desktop Windows and macOS.


Please, do tell us after a month or so of recreating an app with Xamarin how good/bad it goes.


Yes, of course, no problem.

I will not do a clone of my App (it’s not that the goal).
It’s a small App (so, it’s good to start on a new environment where I don’t have previous experience besides C#).

I will instead create a new App with the same features (for starting), with a new layout but the essence will be the same.

After that I will have a better impression about it.
The good and the bad.


Sounds amazing , can’t wait to see it , I have no idea how you could use the two ,maybe you could shed some light on the process when you are at a comfortable place during the development …Come to think of it associating As3 with other technologies apart from mobile really frees you from viewing the wall …I have been researching on computational vision and there are some projection mapping projects where they use As3 (flash) making projected mapped games hahah really cool …


I found this at adobe forums (here is the link to the post)

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rewb0rn Level 3

rewb0rn Jan 10, 2019 5:46 AM (in response to rewb0rn)

Good news, I received a reply to my email: Adobe is aware of the requirement and is working towards a solution. This is speculation on my part but I would expect more details in the next SDK beta release.

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rewb0rn Level 3

rewb0rn Jan 10, 2019 11:56 AM (in response to phillipkerman)

Adobe said they are aware of the requirement and are working towards a solution. I speculate that we will have more official details on this with the upcoming Air 33 beta. Sorry for the confusion

So I suppose, now we can all feel relieved…


I never doubted.
The probabilities were always that.

When there is a plan, people usually act normally.
On this case there is a plan from Google Play (pull the plug from 32 bits) but there was no officially plan from Adobe even with months ahead and people react on base of that.

When AIR 64 bits for Android appears on labs, I bet that almost people that are evaluating other options will go back to AIR in a blink of the eyes because this is where they feel comfortable/secure.

For me AIR 64 bits for Android is irrelevant now.

AIR it’s the most productivity runtime but on mobile space it’s very risky besides on my case my Apps can be built with other runtimes.
Are simple forms (pure App) that don’t demand so much for a runtime.


I’m looking for the same information about 64 bits support. I really hope that everything is resolved in a timely manner. Waiting…


Hi Adriana, welcome to the forum.

Well, all I can see in either AIR-4198789 or URGENT: We need Adobe AIR for Android to support for Google’s 64-bit requirement by August 2019 etc.

is basically people who have fear, fear it not gonna be ready in time

this fear is mainly related to the amount of trust they have towards Adobe, or more specifically the team at Adobe working on Adobe AIR

so in the issue tracker AIR-4198789 you can see in January 2019, for something that will happen in August 2019, eg. 8 months later

For a problem of this magnitude, there is surprisingly little info available online and I couldn’t find anything official. Can we at least get a confirmation that Adobe is working on this and that we should expect AIR to continue to be a viable platform for Android past August 2019?

In short, this guy do not trust the Adobe team working on Adobe AIR to provide such update in time for August 2019, because of what?

Because they do not communicate about it.

And then you can see many comments, all of them based on nothing or just this lack of confirmation from Adobe.

Now, even if you don’t know who is this Adobe team or how many people are inside it,
you can still see that this team is releasing updates for Adobe AIR every quarter since 2012
eg. Flash Player and Adobe AIR feature list

this is what I call a track record

personally I trust the Adobe Team working on Adobe AIR because of this track record

same for Ubuntu, I don’t exactly all the developers or how many they are, and I don’t need them to communicate with me or answer my questions etc.

All I know is when it come to Ubuntu releases when I see Ubuntu version history
is that those developers are consistent and regularly release new versions and updates in a timely manner

If you were to map the Adobe AIR release since 2012 to now, you would get a similar graphic

so whoever is working on Adobe AIR, how many they are, how few or little they communicate about it, I do know they produce quarterly releases

I also assume they are professional software developers, even if I don’t tell them that on August 2019 Android will require 64-bit binaries, I’m pretty sure they already know about it

and more importantly, I don’t feel so special to demand them or require them to owe me an answer

I just trust them based on their track record
but it seems it is just me

So OK there are bunch of people that are losing their shit, widely panicking, etc.
because they don’t know if Adobe will update Adobe AIR on time for August 2019


And let me tell you that, even if the update is not ready for August 2019, it’s all good
this not even worth panicking

What will happen in August 2019 is that dev will not be able to update an app without providing a 64-bit version of their binaries, but

  • the 32-bit version will still be available
  • they can still release updates from now to August 2019
  • at the very worst they will have a to wait a little for a new AIR SDK

All those people that live in fear
“OMG OMG Adobe is not talking to us, that must mean that AIR is dead soon”
“OH NOOOOOOOOESSS it is the end of the world !!!”

they are just noob at managing or planing software
and they are self entitled asshole who think that Adobe owe them something

nope, nobody owe them shit

they want to threaten to move to Unity, Flutter, whatever …
sure go ahead who gives a fuck?

this is completely ridiculous


Very good post zwetan as usual.

Just vote for it:

I have no doubt adobe will release the fix soon.


Great post Zwetan.
I also believe it is toxic to spread negativity on Adobe’s forum and tracker. AIR team is doing an amazing job, and we should trust and support them.


yep, just voting is enough a no need for the toxicity

some dev are just so far up their asses they think it is a good idea to threaten
the very same people producing the runtime they are depending on …

they act like bully, it is just unacceptable


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