The Advent of CLI - Introduction

Hello there,
as you may know already (or not) I’m a huge fan of the command-line
I could go in a long list of “why” but let me summarise it by stealing a quote

You may have heard Brendan Eich say

Always bet on JavaScript

OK, in the context of the browser why not
but in the more general context of programming I would say

Always bet on the command-line

and I would go further than that, if before I could have said “it will make you a better programmer”, “it would allow you to automate stuff”, and that kind of things

now I would say: you have no choice, you can not escape the command-line,
it is not anymore a thing of grey bearded old geeks, it’s just everywhere

and the same way you have great GUI tools that can help you build programs,
you have a shitload of even greater CLI tools that can also helps

That’s why I’m bringing this new category #cli / Command-Line to the forum
because that is extremely useful to know CLI stuff to program stuff

it is more than useful, it is like a superpower

so let’s start small and clean with a little serie of posts “Advent of CLI”
where we gonna explore the what, the when, the how, and everything of the command-line

I’ll try to publish a daily post about the command-line, so I’m already late because we are the 3rd :stuck_out_tongue: