The Maturity Level of the Admin/Moderator of this Forum


Hi guys… So i figured I’d share just how great the moderation/admin here is at the Best New Place for the AS3 Community!

I happened to browse this forum 1 day, someone posted they were having an issue, and I replied providing a link to something I thought might help.

The admin here “Zwetan” then replied to my comment saying this:

Did you read what I wrote to @CPS comment above ?

same apply to you

providing a link is nice, but you have to give more context

have you used this library?
what do you think of it ?
give maybe a code sample you used recently?

I responded by saying no i didnt read it… as I was just skimming the forum and figured I’d share what I thought would be helpful since I didn’t have much time and asked if I should just refrain since I was unable to provide the detail he wanted.

So…instead of being mature and saying something like “yeah I guess I can see that point, no worries carry on”

Zwetan, the admin here took it upon himself to EDIT MY POST and write a short story about my dog humping my leg and me having relationships with Sheep??!?


Just WHAT THE FUCK? I’m out.

The Wonderful World of Flash Communities

@zwetan Is this true? Did you edit his post?


Looks to me like this is a good confirmation:


yes off course, well… in fact I had different choices

but did you read his post ?

I put in bold what I think is the problematic attitude
which I understood as “shut up, be happy I give you an answer”

so I contemplated the different options to either

  • educate by explaining how the whole purpose of a forum was to read other ppl answer and write back to them

  • give a warning about such jerk answers

  • ban/mute the user for an amount of time

I decided a little prank would be educational

and now the user is all over the place posting off topics stuff on how I’m an irresponsible child

I mean, I’m nice, patient and all but I do think this forum should be a relaxing place and not a confrontational place.

I’m not too sure what is the problem of @dogofpavlov but so far his attitude is not helping.


yes and I guess you do read people answers now right ?

I guess, lesson learned :slight_smile:


So let me get this straight… you’re just making up what you assume I mean?

Ok then watch… I can do it too:

Did you read what I wrote to @CPS comment above ?

same apply to you

I put in bold what I think is the problematic attitude which I understood as “you missed my above comment so you must be dumb”

Do you really not understand the situation of someone quickly browsing a forum, seeing something they think can help, spending 20 seconds doing so, and then continuing back to work? ALL i was saying is that I didn’t have the time to do so, you can take offensively if you like. Most people would rather SOME help than NO help.

REGARDLESS, you are not only a member of this community but the creator and moderator… you should be above resorting to these kinds of comebacks/actions. You should be setting an example of how to act, not claiming people are having a relationship with a sheep and publicly spreading it on the official twitter and forums. In no way shape or form did I ever attack you personally.

And you’re upset I’m responding this way? how exactly did you think I would respond to being publicly mocked? this kind of behavior is POISON to communities like this.

You need to get over yourself, fess up and admit you were wrong.

I’m not sure what your problem is, but I’m not the only one who thinks this way.


Also… I never posted in any forum that you are an irresponsible child… that was a personal message sent to YOU only.


you did on this very same forum



Ok cool, you caught me… throughout all this I did forget I posted that there during my tantrum of discovering I’m being called a sheep lover all over the community I depend on to live and pay my bills. I apologize I shouldn’t have done that. SEE how easy that is?


you are assuming too much and take yourself way too seriously

It’s not like I put a billboard out there with a photoshopped photo of you and a dog humping your leg.

I mean, really, since I edited your post and made a little prank, you have never been so active on this forum.

Well… you are not talking about ActionScript 3 or the Flash Platform, but I would say it’s a start, now you do read the answers, I say there is progress.

Now, making all that about being a personal attack, which is what you do with this topic, it’s not very constructive.

And sure as the admin of the forum I have full power, I can edit any of your posts, I can delete them too, I can mute you, ban you, kick you out and a lot of negative things like that.

I’m not a big fan of educating people trough fear, I may be a dictator but I’m a benevolent dictator.

I’m also french and I have been educated with this idea of free speech and I’m very much against censoring people.

Technically you can come to this forum, insult me all day long and i will not delete a single post, not because I like it but because I do believe by having a conversation some good educational thing can come out of it.

If I were to state a Code of Conduct for this forum it would be very simple and straightforward: “Everyone is welcome. period.”

And in your case I could add “and even dogs”, I would not want to have your loved one feeling excluded :smile:

All that said, including everyone does not mean you are more special than anyone else.

Here you have created what I call a disruptive post, you want people to take sides, you want a battle, and you say it yourself

So, basically you are not, even for 1 second, thinking you may have been wrong.

I don’t know, maybe being dismissive about how ppl spend their time, feeling that because you are at work your time is more valuable than others, and they should just be happy that you, my good sir, took upon your so precious time to provide us, poor peasant, the blessing of an answer.

Look kid, I hate to break it to you that way, but you are not a special snowflake, on this forum here how it works: the more time you spend writing/answering/liking/etc. or being active within the community, the more you gain a level of trust and the more trust you have the more things you can do.

I’m not the one deciding that level of trust but your participation in the community is, have a good fair activity and you will naturally gain more trust, to the point you will even be able to edit your own post and even edit others post.

It is all explained in the FAQ

What you took as a move to “soil your good name in the mud” is merely a practical joke, a prank and I did it for educative purpose.

Here a little story.

Many years ago when I was working for some big company, our manager was adamant to explain to new recruits that we should be security conscious and simply leaving our desk to get a coffee without locking the computer was a security risk.

It’s not something people do naturally or automatically, you move away from your desk and you just lock your screen, it is the 101 of basic security, if you don’t anyone can take control of your computer.

Some people have a hard time understanding “why”, after all we are all employees of the same company, we should trust each others, it is a waste of time to take half a second to lock your screen when you leave your desk. Nothing bad or wrong can happen from that. And so they decide to ignore wholeheartedly the kindly advice about securing your machine when you are not around.

And then one day, they leave their desk, don’t lock their screen and go get a coffee and have a good 15mn talk with other employees at the coffee machine.

Exactly at the same moment, the manager notice it, go on their computer, fire up the email and write a loving story on how they love sheep and send it to the whole company, about 200 people.

So, 15mn later, the employee come back to his/her desk and have a massive amount of tongue-in-cheek answers about how people are glad he or she loves sheep, and yeah everyone in the company is making fun of him or her.

That’s a practical joke. It’s here to teach people not to humiliate them.
After that I can guarantee you never ever again such employee would forgot to lock down their computer. they will take security seriously.

That’s the educational power of a practical joke.

Now you can act all offended about it, threaten to shame this forum., rally people to your cause about how your good name have been soiled by a childish admin.

Or you can learn your lesson and avoid knee-jerk answers in the future.

under this message I will post the private messages discussion as I got nothing to hide


Yo what exactly is your problem? That bit you edited on my post about having my dog hump my leg? I’ll give you a chance to respond before I shame this forum if you really did this


I have no problem at all but I seriously advise you to be less of a jerk in your answers because we want to be a nice and welcoming community and stuff like that.

You see, before you were not bothering reading the answers, now we got that problem solved :smiley:.


are you seriously this childish? you seriously still didn’t undrestand my point? Keep digging your hole


you seem offended and do not realise how offensive you were

but you have to admit, I got you to read people answers now

Look, you are overreacting to a prank and now you are making that very personal by attacking me on this very same forum where I’m the admin

how do you think it gonna end ?

Again, relax a bit and don’t take yourself too seriously


of course I’m offended you publically announced the as3 community claiming I’m in a relationship with animals. What kind of personal issues are you going through to resort to kind of backlash.

Never once did I say i always respond on forums in that way, you saw 1 simple example of me posting a link and assume I always do that? of course I read forums, just didnt this time… you changed nothing.

Look you need to understand you FUCKED UP, and are being called out for it. I’ve already been messaging from both Jeff and Josh from the starling forums and they both agree your behavior is incorrect.

You the admin of a forum and believe you can just mock people and have that not tie into your admin personality? Your the one with your name all over this forum, how do YOU think it’s gonna end?


to summarize

I’ll give you a chance to respond before I shame this forum if you really did this

that’s a threat

Keep digging your hole

that’s another threat

you publically announced the as3 community claiming I’m in a relationship with animals.

that’s hilarious because you’re taking all that so 1st degree

What kind of personal issues are you going through to resort to kind of backlash.

now you’re implying I got some kind of emotional or mental problem?

Look you need to understand you FUCKED UP, and are being called out for it

use of capitals == yelling
again, threat

I’ve already been messaging from both Jeff and Josh from the starling forums and they both agree your behavior is incorrect.

rallying ppl to battle

how do YOU think it’s gonna end?

again threat

I will not be intimidated or impressed by such threats


I’m so disappointed right now, Zwetan. Editing someone’s post to alter what they said is extremely unprofessional. Even worse, it goes completely against the idea of this forum being a “safe haven” for ActionScript developers. How is anyone supposed to feel safe when the administrator has a history of inserting inappropriate comments into the posts of members? I was so excited to see this forum bring the community closer together, but I can no longer, in good conscience, contribute here anymore.


I explains it all above, not sure if you read it all.

Now I do understand that @dogofpavlov came to you to reach some support as he mentioned

I’ve already been messaging from both Jeff and Josh from the starling forums and they both agree your behavior is incorrect.

I will not take sides on personal attack and battle

Again, people should learn to take a joke, there is nothing unprofessional about that.

This forum have nothing to sell, it is not a place of business, it is a community.

Everyone is free to say whatever they want, to come and go as they please.

You may not agree and that’s totally fine, everything is posted here, all is transparent, people will form their own opinion for themselves.

For all the people taking all this so seriously, being disappointed and having such a good conscience that they can not recognize negative behaviour, threats and other abuse, I highly advise them to go out and take a walk with their lovely animals and give them a good hug or more if affinity.


I read the entire thread before I posted. Indeed, dogofpavlov and I had a private conversation, but I am the one who initiated contact. He never asked me for my support.


sigh… fine ok here we go.

I’ve never been so active on this forum because I’ve never been mocked by a community leader on a forum before. You for some reason keep trying to make the point of “now that I read the answer” I’ve made progress. I know how forums work and am active in many of them… you keep acting like that 1 post I made defines everyone I’ve ever done… it doesn’t.

You don’t get to call someone out for feeling personally attacked and have a problem with it, when you’re the reason they feel personally attacked. Cause and Effect.

It’s so easy to just take something someone said wrong, as you never know what kind of mindset or personal issues someone is going through when they read it. It’s the damn internet happens everyday.

Cool I’m french too?

Yes I 100% came to this forum today with the intent of SHOWING everyone what you did, because I felt embarrassed and wronged by what you said. Since when did someone standing up for themselves become the wrong thing to do? Of course I created a disruptive post… but i only did so because you FIRST created another disruptive post… again Cause and Effect. I did not come here though with the idea of “creating” a battle in which people take sides… I 100% expected you to simply say “OK yeah I took it too far, and I apologize” and we’d be done… but no you apparently “cant be wrong” and have taken this extremly personal.

Ok I’ll admit I was wrong for you interpreting what I said as mean… It was not intended to be that way, and I’m sorry that you recieved that way. It’s hilarious to me that I’m sitting here typing an apology when in no shape or form have you remotely indicated you are sorry after the 5-6 replies I’ve seen…but I’ll be the bigger man.

Look Dad, again I know how communities work and I am active as much as I can. In fact, I am about 2000% more active than you on the starling forum (but this matters absolutely none). The level of trust someone recieves should NEVER be according to how active they are on a forum. How about trust someone until they give you a reason otherwise?

How can you even begin to talk about how behavior and how appearance can affect someone in a community like this, when your the one making deflammatory statements.

Did you seriously just claim you made this “practical joke” for educational purposes? It seems like you’re ready to say anything to get out of this.

Your little story is nice, and I 100% agree and have done that exact scenario with some of the people I work with… THe key difference here is… “I work with” meaning people who I know and see ona daily basis enough to establish a humor level that when making an advance they don’t take it the wrong way. I do NOT know you and have no desire to, so unless you know a person, its probably a good idea to not just assume your “prank” will not be offensive. Another difference here is that your email you fire off to 200 people gets to stay in their inbox, not publicly publish on the internet forever.

Again I’ll reiterate, regardless of everything being said here. YOU should be the one setting the example of how to act on a forum. It’s funny to me you posted the FAQ… I’d like to remind you of a few details (that I can’t believe you wrote):

Please avoid:

Ad hominem attacks.
**Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.**
Knee-jerk contradiction.

I don’t see how you can get all offended at the “threats” you claim and then make a statement so absent of that logic by saying I’m taking that so 1st degree.

The use of capital can always be interpretted as yelling, AS WELL AS reiteration of a missed point. no threat?

Rallying people to battle? I did not reach out to Josh or Jeff, in fact they REACH OUT to me… as they recognized your wrong doing and felt bad for me.