The Maturity Level of the Admin/Moderator of this Forum


Ok, you want to do this like that ? no problem I will be happy to oblige

that 1 post was not 1 random and misunderstood statement, there were many different thing, I didn’t jump at your throat and aggressed you by asking to read the comment I made earlier with another user @CPS.

But no, you took it so bad because apparently you are so special that just saying to you “same apply to you” was me going out of my way to attack you apparently.

Here what I asked “providing a link is nice, but you have to give more context”, it was legitimate, it was on topic and it was not only about you because I also asked the same from another user who did not got all angry about it.

And that’s where you came with the knee-jerk comments, oh you didn’t have the time to read? but you did have the time to comment even more, and did you comment about the topic? nah, let;s not do that, let’s tell the admin that your time is so much more valuable than he should just be happy you were good enough to answer.

so when you said something like that

Should I next time just refrain from helping and contributing since it doesn’t meet your standard?

that was not a knee-jerk comment, that was not mocking ? right ?

yeah sure … keep telling you that

except you were the one starting the attacks

when I asked you to provide a bit more than just a link I ask you to provide context and content, I did not assume anything, I asked that not as a personal attack but for the sake of the community: context and content is better than just a link, otherwise we can close this forum and replace it by “go search on google you dumb fuck”.

You decided to feel attacked by a routine forum comment, that’s on you not me.

yeah you are so right with that, that’s my mindset, I’m evil and I build all this forum just for unloading by wrath on a poor innocent user like you, that was my goal from the get go.

As you mention it, it must something of a all the “personal issue [I’m] going through” I probably must be so stressed or so in distress and so riddled with personal rage, that I just don’t know anymore what the fuck I’m saying… right ?

I must be some kind of mental patient to have dared to talk back to you.

Do you plan to make this nice little scenario as a movie later?

no, you overreacted.

Sure I edited your comment and mentioned a love affair with a dog and sheep, but I don’t think anyone in his right mind could interpret that as anything else than a joke or a prank.

Being offended by that means you took it literally as if I was saying you have some sex intercourse with animals, and I never said that, you interpreted it like that.

But it’s not really that, you insisting so much on the words “butt hurt” that I may have inadvertently pushed the wrong buttons with my little prank.

I mean, you are not here generating all this disturbance for the good of the community, no, you want to show everyone how this community is wrong and should probably be closed, because how dare have I to have wronged you.

You’re just defending your good name against dogs and sheep.

That’s the whole purpose of this topic, to show others how they should left this community because well… as you said it I must have some kind of personal issue.

Some people can not accept to be wrong. Some are even so paranoid about it that they threaten a lot “do this or else …”.

The thing is I don’t give a flying fuck about it.
You are the one taking it all so personal you feel you have to attack me now.
If you want, I don’t care.

Get a life, learn to take a joke.

If it can make you feel better about yourself do what you gotta do.

I’m telling you again that you are blowing all this out of proportion, but I guess at that point the message is really not passing trough.

Comparing who is more active on whatever forum is like measuring dicks, I don’t do that.

For the level of trust, It’s not how this forum works.
Managing a forum take time, you have to fight the spammer, the troll, do the police on bad behaviour, etc.

I specifically chose this forum because of its new take on forum discussion, explained here, and more details here.

The trust level is part of the discourse system, I’m not gonna change it because you disagree.

wow defamatory, what’s next? you’re sending the lawyers ?

I accuse thy man to have insinuated I had sex intercourse with a sheep…


Yes and I even gave a real life example where I encountered that practical joke, and also because of that, I do know that at least 200 people were not offended by such a joke.

I would have took me less time to delete your post and you as a user and “be done with it”, but no, I took the time to write about dogs and sheep, and I’m personally offended you don’t recognize the effort I put into it … and I do all that for what?

Because I care.

Well to be honest I hesitated to post the thing on imgur, reddit, Instagram, etc…

|'m really proud of the text I wrote, I think I really nailed the feeling that one can have being dump by a sheep and the loneliness afterward, it took a lot of hard work, please don’t dismiss my efforts so easily.

You do realise you did all 4 of those before even before I wrote about the sheep right?

Anyway, if it’s not clear yet, the tone of this forum is to not take yourself too seriously, like the song says We’re All Gonna Die so chillax dude.

oh? they did not felt bad for the sheep?
such a shame :smiley:


Wow dude… please stop. Everyone can see it… but for some reason you can’t. I’m done as it’s clear no getting through. Say anything else you want, you’ll get no more reply from me.


please give a kiss to the sheep and have a good one


ha ha I thought that was @dogofpavlov original post ) @zwetan you tricked me.

I am late with pop corn, obviously, but take this as a free advice: even though I personally love the drama, but this one came a bit too early, no? you don’t have enough people in here to ignore the ripples.


Then do it in bad conscience. Think of admin as the force of nature beyond your control. Like, you could build a beautiful house, then an earthquake might come and bring it down. Do you then say, that’s it, I am no onger building houses?


There is absolutely nothing that justifies what has been said here. No “tone”, no “because I care”, no “force of nature”.
Zwetan you are being an arrogant, bitter, toxic brat and you are only worth ending alone in your “safe haven”.


insult all you want it not gonna change much the situation

this whole topic, which I did not create in the first place, has only one purpose, let’s call it “trying to destroy the reputation of the admin and/or the forum”

this topic in itself is also a direct personal attack on me with name-calling, treats, and other niceties

let’s be clear about the facts, I edited (with humour) 1 message and suddenly I have people attacking me about how I have a whole “history of inserting inappropriate comments” and I’m this and I’m that etc.

a lot of people here think they are above the crowd, think they can tell me how to admin this community and simply have no sense of humour.

here what i have to say as an admin, act like an asshole and threaten this community in any way and I will come after you.

The way I decided to handle those things, as an admin, is by using humour, instead of banning/muting/kicking out or whatever an admin can do.

That means you @elsassph , even after calling me names, can come here and post about whatever and I will not delete your topic because I dislike the fact you insulted me earlier, and that’s the same for anyone else.

That’s what I call a “safe haven”.

What I did was nothing personal, you can sum it up like that

  • user “I can not be bothered to read, be happy I give an answer” and some other jerk’ish reaction to a simple request to provide more context
  • admin “oh really? well… how about I do something about that, let me edit your comment and see if you learn to read a bit more”
  • one week later user realise what happened and loses his shit

that’s all there is to it.

now, if you are the kind of being offended and can not take a joke that’s your problem, not mine.

As a side note, the use of the :sheep: emoji will not be discriminated.


because it was not that funny. get over it.


Why should we care? As long as he is not the only one around here, we could still make this place useful.


for reference

this was posted the 18th of March

original post

post edited (my edit in bold)

and post edited again by the user (his edit in bold)

drama got posted also on facebook (by the user)

also tweet from @as3lang (which I admin too) from 18 march

I post all that, because if, as a user, you never experienced or witnessed what name-calling, insults and personal attacks look like, well … all this topic is a quite good illustration of it.

Above, you have all the tangible facts, the actual text that have been posted and edited by me, as an admin.

In this actual topic you can see my answer and also a serie of exchange that were originally private messages but that I decided to move in this public topic.

From all that stuff, me, as a person, I have received threats, insults and other peer pressure “do this or else …”, “change that or else…” , “apologize or else…”.

It’s OK, I would rather “take the hit” for that kind of ugly and messy shit than anyone else on this forum, I got a thick skin I can deal with it.

Now, as a user or even simple lurker (someone not registered to this forum and coming just to have a look), you can go blindly with the lynching crowd or maybe try to think for yourself.

What did I do that was so bad and so wrong to be called a “toxic arrogant brat”, to be accused of being “unprofessional” and having “a history of inserting inappropriate comments” or other “incorrect behavior” or to be threatened to “digg my own hole” etc.

I wrote 1 little humorist piece meant as a prank, edited right under a user message, I did not hide it, I even posted it on the @as3lang twitter account and I waited for the user to realise an edit happened.

8 days later, the user realise it and you got now that drama topic about how I wronged someone yadda yadda yadda

But you see I did nothing wrong, that’s the job of an admin to edit posts when he/she see something as negative for the community.

Even if you consider it was wrong to edit the user comment, look at what have been edited: did I removed or deleted the user text ? nope, did I assumed anything about what the user wrote ? nope, was I rude ? nope, did I insult the user ? nope, did I threatened him in any way ? nope

I added text underneath the user comment, this text

Also, after mature reflection, I came to the conclusion that I should not post while my dog is humping my leg; It’s cute, and sure it provide me with the much needed affection I need in my life, but ultimately it is obscuring my judgement. The sad state of affair is that before having this love story with this lovely ball of fur I had a long relationship with a sheep, as everyone knows I love sheep, I lov’em so hard!!, sheep are the best!! :sheep: go sheep!!, and since that sheep left me I just feel so empty inside, nothing make sense anymore and that’s why you can see me loitering here from time to time, browsing trough the topics without taking the time to read them as I’m so torn apart by the lost love of that sheep and this new puppy love … I feel so fragile now.

and yeah I’m not a professional comedian, you may not find it funny, others found it hilarious, but this text was specially crafted to convey a little message highlighted in bold above, the rest is just filler

and yeah you may be offended by the joke, the same way a stand-up comedian could make a joke about “blonde girl” or a “bold guy” and you happen to be a “blonde girl” or a “bold guy” in the crowd, yeah I see that you could take it the wrong way, but in itself the joke is not a personal attack against you

That’s why you see me commenting about how people should be able to take a joke, it was just that: a joke

Fair question is why make a joke on this particular comment ?

You see, when people spend time reading and writing on a forum, time become a kind of value, if you don’t have time you don’t contribute, no problem, if you just have a bit of time you contribute something short and that’s good too, and if you spend more time you can make a more detailed contribution and this is seen as better simply because you spent more time on it.

The whole purpose of having a forum with people talking and exchanging is to gain from their different point of view, experience, take on things, etc.

When someone post a link, it is a small short content, and it’s OK, links can be useful, but in general a link with more context is considered better because it provide the reasons why you are providing the link, “by reading [this link] I finally understood how to do that” or “check [that link] out there is a great example about stuff there”.

Why considered better? because the context allow the person reading your link to follow it right now or later or ignore it, and not leave the actual conversation happening in the forum.

In this topic: When and Where can we use Workers

when a user @CPS posted a link without too much context

I came gently, as an admin, mentioning

I know that the forum is new etc. and I don’t want to sound like enforcing too strict rules

but, if you include a link, maybe add bit more context around it
see for reference this discussion on stackoverflow

I didn’t do that to harass the user and he didn’t took it the wrong way (as far as I know)

then later when @dogofpavlov comment and post just a link

again, as an admin, I gently suggested

Did you read what I wrote to @CPS comment above ?

same apply to you

providing a link is nice, but you have to give more context

have you used this library?
what do you think of it ?
give maybe a code sample you used recently?

I didn’t attacked or harassed or bullied the user

but he decided that I was going out of my way by asking that and insisted heavily on correcting me

No in fact I did not read your comment as I was quickly browsing/skimming this thread, saw someone say they had a problem, so I figured I’d share a source I happened to have come across…by providing a link and then I was out and back to work.

Not everyone has time to setup these forums and have super detailed discussions… (as I’m at work).

Should I next time just refrain from helping and contributing since it doesn’t meet your standard?

Be happy people are communicating and sharing…

by default this comment is off topic

as a moderator I made some suggestions asking for context and sure the user is perfectly free to ignore that, after all he does not have the time to read right?

for the time it took to write all those lines, my opinion is that the user could have made a more insightful contribution by … guess what? following the gentle suggestion and providing more context

but no, it was apparently more fun to be confrontational and dismissive about it

I did not commented back by answering the question “Should I next time just refrain from helping and contributing since it doesn’t meet your standard?” to not encourage such confrontational behavior.

And the discussion continued with others people involved, staying on topic and who kept talking about Workers.

My little joke about editing the user comment and adding to it did not disturb the topic, some ppl may have noticed it, may have find it funny or not, it did not destroy the conversation about Workers.

That’s what I did as an admin/moderator of this forum.
I own it, it’s not wrong, in no way you can see that as personal attack.

Now, 8 days later, the user came back, saw the edited comment and started a campaign of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).

First action was to send a threat on a private message

I’ll give you a chance to respond before I shame this forum

This is more than being confrontational and dismissive, this is what I would call a troll behavior

ah the classic threat of public shaming followed by hate messages and threats to intimidate

it’s about a user trying to start a fight with the forum’s admin
some sad people get their kicks on that

Let’s get some quotes from this article about forum troll

Forum trolls are members of a forum who try to disrupt the forum and create drama


A lot of forum trolls will “troll” debate topics, topics with a lot of opinion and topics that are negative towards staff team members.

they want some “authority” to back down in front of their “witty” comments
in that case the “admin” is considered the “authority” and then the target

how juicy it could be for a troll to have the admin of a forum that just started few weeks ago to admit how he was wrong and to publicly apologize to him

which is also what came later in other threats

You need to get over yourself, fess up and admit you were wrong.

And if I take the time to answer all that shit now instead of ignoring it
it’s because this FUD is about insinuating that people are not safe here

that many things have been said, by let’s say: people contributing a lot into another forum but contributing not very much into this forum, about how I should correct my incorrect behavior.

And I must say it goes pretty far, from defamatory comments to me bullying people etc.

Wow I must be some kind of pure evil admin :smile:

But yeah I did something wrong thinking I was doing something right.

Here what I did wrong as an admin:

I allowed a disruptive behavior to escalate
my intent at humour to teach a lesson was clearly the wrong answer to a troll
I should have used the classic expected reaction to purely ban or kick out a user looking more for trouble than having a normal discussion.

Even worst, on this very topic here, I enabled even more this disruptive behavior by allowing the troll to express himself freely.

I don’t like censorship, I consider banning a user a very violent act and I naturally would favour discussion over a cold hard ban.

I also feel uncomfortable about banning people as it make me feel as the troll is winning at censorship, and can come back again bad mouthing the admin “look he ban people, this is injustice!”.

But this is a serious problem as he allow some individuals to damage the community, even to the point where they would succeed to present themselves as victim.

It’s a classic: “Don’t feed the troll”, I should have known better.

And quoting again the article about forum troll followed those advices instead

How to deal with the forum troll
A simple warning by private message should deter most disallowed behavior on your forum. If the member continues to abuse the rules, then they have nominated themselves as a forum troll. You should ban them from your forum before they can do some serious damage. If they return with another account, just ban them again. Don’t ever argue or fight with a forum troll – we call doing that, feeding the trolls and by feeding the trolls, you are only fueling the massive wild fire on your community. Don’t fuel the fire and don’t let your members get burned in the process.

To be clear, by allowing the troll a public fight on this topic I allowed to feed the troll and felt right into his trap.

My bad, let’s say I must be a bit rusty about forum administration and I need to catch up.

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No need to discuss this anymore
this topic will stay alive for the following week
and then will be archived or whatever

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