The problem of uploading the application on the store

I have a big problem and for three days I have not found a final solution. I want to upload my application on the store, but it only accepts only one copy, either 32-bit or 64, but if I upload the two together it gives me error messages and big problems and the biggest problem is that the 32-bit package also does not work on older devices that carry version 4.2 and this causes me problems that Millions of devices could not download the application and I am using the latest version of Harman package. Can you help me upload the application on the store with both versions together and make the old devices download it naturally. Pictures showing the problem are attached

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read the archives of this forum, you will find this subject discussed numerous times


You just have to make 2 diferent versions, one for 32 bit and a bigger one for 64 bit and upload both together.


When I contacted Google, this is what they told me

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