The programmer's class attribute

The programmer’s class attribute

3.3.1. Programmers to avoid or small workshops outsourcing work, mastered the ownership of the code, the code instead of Labour as a commodity to sell.The programmer is small producers, similar to the farmer, not the proletariat.

3.3.2 rainfall distribution on 10-12. Programmers as a technical manager, involved in the code of production management, got the identity of the business partners, access to part of the actual stock.They are dependent on capital, as well as technical experts of professional managers, while the latter is the main aspect of contradiction.

This part of the programmer is not the primary responsibility of the production code, but by technical organization ability to ensure that the control of labor, the capital of the ownership of the products in the process of production.Why say that?Assume that technology is head of the programmer team elected, responsible for the interests of the programmer team, the management of bargaining will become very poor;The technical director, is authorized by the management at any time to appoint or remove, managers authorized capital of the ownership of the code, far more than managers the importance of technical ability.

3.3.3 ordinary programmers.Although the programmer with a computer, have to develop software, also have the right to use the power to purchase the server…But he has neither the labor process, the production code is completely does not belong to myself.They are very typical wage earner, is very typical of the proletariat.

In ordinary programmers work, marxism all incisive analysis of capitalist production laws, even than the more typical automation is becoming more common traditional production industry.Project research and development, for example, is pure per hour meter and capitalists profit is all about programmer in the creation of surplus value.They have great power to extend the working day from work (encourage) and unpaid overtime overtime paid leave (weekend), pay secrecy (limited bargaining), project outsourcing (dispatching), according to the project needs to expand, forcing employees to improve labor efficiency (28) at the end of system, increase the intensity of labor, let programmers in more than 10 years of working days because of the excessive labor, creating 20 years products, has lost more than a decade left the health status of labor required)…

This kind of programmers, as the proletariat, has practical motives in the process of production to change the old order.

3.3.4. Programmers of open source project.This kind of programmers, in the process of the development of the open source project, is not only as the proletariat, and it is as the representative of advanced productive forces of the proletariat.

First the programmer’s open source community, itself is in the human society the most advanced technology of collaboration.Many people participate in, division of labor, coordination, iteration path, abstraction, manage, distribute…Every link reflects the organization of mass production technology is advanced.

And excellent open source project, none is to rely on personal dictatorship can grow, excellent community and essential professional committee, is the great practice of democratization production field.

A large number of free open source project, make the code as a means of production, to give up private ownership.Everybody can be replicated, even everybody can change, make the spread of new technology and iteration is very quickly.And workers through certain types of open source licenses, not only won the public production data (code), also obtained the power of labor products.

No profit of the open source community, rather than as a bourgeois predicted result in production lockout, makes millions of people acquired a strong production capacity, products, create more labor to the wealth of the people become more rich.Many technology products also from rent to the ownership of production materials, converted to provide labor services, for a price.Even large capital control companies also think the open source community to their advantage, Microsoft, Google, facebook is some big supporters of open source projects.

So, in the industry of the programmer, there is the most advanced ranks of the proletariat, represents the most advanced organization and management ability of mass production, represents the development direction of public ownerships of the means of production, represents the individual labor to commercialization to the direction of the capitalization, represents the great democracy exploration direction in the field of production, have challenged the legitimacy of the bourgeois exist.Not only that, the open source community to the programmer to the pleasure of labor, because labor is finally in the hands of the workers themselves.