The Rules of a Walled Garden, say thank you to Apple


So yeah since few days, maybe 1 week, or something
Apple decided to change (again) the rules that make an iOS acceptable or not

that makes all AIR apps published with SDK from 24 to 29 prone to be rejected
your experience may vary

welcome to the iOS walled garden

and make no mistakes, since day 1, Adobe AIR (like any other similar technology) is on a “loan”

under a whim, at any moment, Apple may decide to change the rules in such a way
that no hacks or clever engineering will be able to pass through

blame Apple, complain to Apple

And it’s not only iOS, it is also macOS, anything that is an Apple app store is a walled garden.

now have a good read of the App Store Review Guidelines
and be ready to re-read it again and again each time Apple decides to change something

It already happened before, here few examples


Note (Mac OS only): To comply with Mac App Store requirements, the physical location of this directory changed between AIR 3.2 and AIR 3.3:

  • 3.2 namespace and earlier: ~/Library/Preferences/appid/Local Store/
  • 3.3 namespace and later: path/Library/Application Support/appid/Local Store/, where path is either ~/Library/Containers/bundle-id/Data (sandboxed environment) or ~ (when running outside a sandboxed environment)

AIR App Compliance with Apple Data Storage Guidelines

AIR applications targeted for iOS may get rejected in the application review process with the reason “Rejection: 2.23 Apps must follow the iOS Data Storage Guidelines or they will be rejected“. Usage of File.applicationStorageDirectory or Local Shared Objects (LSOs) in the application might be the reason. Recently, Apple has updated the Data Storage Guidelines with the release of iOS 5.

and then
Preventing Automatic Cloud Backup on iOS devices

According to the Apple guidelines, data that can be downloaded again or regenerated shall be stored in the <APPLICATION_HOME>/Library/Caches directory. So, with AIR 3.6, a new static property, File.cacheDirectory has been introduced, which points to this directory. Files stored in this directory are not backed up on the iCloud.


And so on one of the forums Adobe answered

Quick update. From what we can tell, this is a recent change from Apple that we were unaware of, and we’re working to correct AIR’s behavior so that we no longer are in conflict with the deprecation’s in question. I’m hoping to have a private build available for those that would like to test it out ASAP, followed by a public beta release and then an official release (probably on May 8th).

We’ll post back to this thread as soon as a private build is available for testing.



also here

see? they are on top of it, just be a bit patient :slight_smile:


Mac OS 3.2 is old, right? So no one cares for the change :).