The State of JavaScript 2019

After The State of JavaScript 2017 and The State of JavaScript in 2018, yep guess what?

it is the 2019 edition which provide this intro

We were pretty sure 2018 would be the last time we did this survey. After all, the JavaScript ecosystem can’t very well keep changing again , can it?

But what do you know, turns out JavaScript isn’t quite done changing just yet! And so we had to dig up our components and charts, curse us-from-a-year-ago for writing such crappy code, and get to work.

yeah that’s pretty ironic …

I don’t have time to comment too much but I would say the only thing you can be sure about JS is that things will change year on year

you can find plenty of comments on HN

also no shame in copying a design already used before

oh look

and see Designing Adobe’s Evolving Brand System

in the JS world, everything is super hype and new, and nothing is copied or largely inspired from

like TypeScript is not ActionScript 3.0, WebAssembly is not SWF
by the way: W3C confirms: WebAssembly becomes the fourth language for the Web :fire: What do you think?