Tuarua's AdMob ANE

Hello, lovely community!

First of all, I’d like to thank @zwetan for creating this platform, as someone who grew up learning everything Macromedia Flash, it feels like home here.
Lately, after a long time leaving Adobe Animate behind, I decided to get back into AS3, for the simple reason that I just love it.

I noticed that recently, with Harman’s AIR 33 and x64 updates, the only known working ANEs regarding AdMob among the community are myflashlabs’ and distriqt’s.
But there is this amazing tuarua on GitHub who is still updating his ANE for 3 years, with the latest update 2 months ago.

The only problem many of us are facing is that we need to deploy this work into Adobe Animate. This request has been up-to-grabs since late 2018, with no luck.

Hopefully, there is enough expertise around to help me and other developers like myself.

Where can I get tuarua’s InAppPurchases-ANE ane?