Upload failed You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle that is signed with a key

Strange problem
After I finished my new application, I went to upload it, but I was surprised by this message, although yesterday I had uploaded another application without any problems. Have new updates occurred?

what this guy say
Uploading Android App Bundle to Google Play Console - key signing error

through the Build > Generate Signed Bundle / APK… menu item in Android Studio, so it is a brand new key, unused by other apps."

Not really. The keystore that Android Studio uses is associated with the Android SDK installation, so all the apps created from your Studio are signed with the same key.

What happened is that you must have created another app, signed it with that keystore, and uploaded it to the Play Console, thus making it a key used to sign APKs served to end users. At the same time, you created another app which you enrolled in Play Signing: for this app, the upload certificate is extracted from the first APK you upload. Since you signed that APK with Studio as well, the same keystore was used. Play detected that it was the same certificate for both those apps, and since you used the same key for two different purposes (app signing key for your first app, and upload key for your second app), Play rejected it. The reason is that an app signing key is much more important than an upload key (the latter can be reset while the first one can’t), so you shouldn’t use them for two different purposes.

In other words, you’ll need to create a different keystore to sign your apps enrolled in Play Signing (ideally, one per app), and make sure you never use that keystore as an app signing key for another app.

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