Utility to submit apps to Apple Store from Windows and Linux

I have found this interesting application to submit apps to the Apple Store from mac, windows and Linux, without installing XCode.
I do work on a Mac so I go with Xcode, but might be worth a try if you work on another platform.

well … about and contact redirect to this page

which indicates

Business Cooperation, Complaints and Suggestions Please send email to below email

and on another page for ANE you see


and then I check their github

and it is yet another qq contact


so I didn’t look into the details and it is probably just me
but to submit something to the app store you probably have to provide some credentials
and for me this require trust, and when I see qq contacts, different contacts, no email associated with the domain, no names of people, no company name, no SSL cert on the domain etc.

I just don’t trust those guys
or at least it does not inspire trust

just sayin’

and in fact no, not just sayin’

the readme on their github

Upload IPA

Appuploader can be in the windows, linux or mac system upload IPA to the App Store, stable, fast.

Application Loader
Application Loader can only upload IPA on Mac, upload slow, unstable.

that’s what I call false advertising, I don’t think those guys who can not even do basic technical thing like creating a markdown table in github (instead of uploading an image) have a magic secret that allow faster uploads …

looks like a phishing tool :stuck_out_tongue:

yep it definitively look like a phishing tool

now let’s compare with something similar
Connect Uploader

from Pricing / Get Started / How-to

How to use Connect Uploader

Before we begin, please make sure you have created an filled the required details at App Store Connect.

If you are not sure, you can follow this guide here.

Once you reach step 15, follow the below instruction to upload your app.

  1. Add our bot account bot@connectuploader.com as a developer on your App Store Connect Account

  2. Send an email to bot@connectuploader.com with your project name and attach your app .ipa file. (It can be a link to a file)

  3. The bot will email to you with a payment link. Use the link to make payment.

  4. After payment, the bot will upload your app to your App Store Connect.

  5. Done!. You can find your app build on the App Store Connect dashboard.

Do you have any question? Contact Us

so yeah the site is pretty simple but I find that more trusty

  • they know how to associate an email to their domain eg. bot@connectuploader.com
  • only one point of contact, not 3 or 4
  • they explain clearly how they do it (they don’t try to hide the trick)
  • it is automated with a bot and so I can also automate it on my side because it is dead easy to send email

I would still not use that because I do automate it under a VM so I see no need to pay $15 for each uploads but yeah I can imagine very lazy dev who might be interested by such thing.

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ahahah I htought the same things :slight_smile: thank you for the accurate analisys.
Anyway phishing with a fake apple store app uploader is pure genius :smiley:

Do you have any opinion about their ANE library?

Their online Assets.car generator though works nicely and saves a lot of time.

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I have tried trial version that lasts for week or two and it worked perfectly. IPA file was uploaded in a minute and it was successfully published on AppStore.
Although, when I wanted to buy a licence, I asked to get an invoice and never got reply. So, like you said, the tools are working perfectly and are very useful, but like zwetan pointed it out, they are not trustful.

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Did you buy the license in the end?
I worked with people in mainland China, amazing developers but they have their own logic. ANEs to interacti with WeChat Pay and AliPay though are invaluable since you nooed those 2 payment gateways if you want to enter the chinese market.
So yes I guess they are amazing developers, also quite generous, some of their online tools ar very useful (resigning, Assets.car generator) but probably they do not adhere to our own way of conducting business.

No, I didn’t. I need an invoice for the firm I’m working for and I couldn’t get it since they never reply to my mail.