WebAssembly is a game-changer ORLY?


from the very same serious online magazine infoworld

we have
JavaScript founder Brendan Eich: WebAssembly is a game-changer

this thing is beautiful … really bullshit rise to the stars

right in the first paragraph you have this little nugget

[ The art of programming is changing rapidly. We help you navigate what’s hot in programming and what’s going cold and give insights into the technologies that are changing how developers work. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld’s Application Development newsletter. ]

I killed all the links, but the part “what’s hot in programming and what’s going cold” is what made me wrote this other news about the talented tech insight of infoworld.

So WebAssembly is the new shiny thing right ?

The technology, serving as a binary syntax, started with the asm.js subset of JavaScript. At some point, WebAssembly “becomes the safe native format for the Web,” he said, adding it will help bring the Web equal to native applications in performance.

humm that remember me something …
I can not put my finger on it but I swear there were this technology long time ago which is now dead that used a binary format over the web to distribute applications, I think it was named swizz, swiff maybe?

Wait a minute … it’s not dead!!! it’s Flash!!!
you know those SWF files, so viral that in matter of days you could get some content reaching millions of users …

OMGWTFBBQ does WebAssembly try to replicate the popularity of the SWF format ?

well yes probably, but will they admit where their inspiration is coming from ? probably not

Oh and that other thing from Google called “Service Workers” it’s basically Flash main loop so you can listen and dispatch events to a UI.

It’s really exciting to see all those people excited by something that was already existing right in their web browser decades ago.

And yeah I mock, off course I mock because they are full of shit and they will never admit it.

Packing things neatly into a binary format which run uour app in a main loop with events, yeah that’s Flash my friends.

But here one thing to remember, with all this hype about HTML5 and JS and how they are so good and so fast, and that because of them we don’t need Flash anymore.

This WebAssembly which promise to bring native speed to web applications, well… it’s about the same as admitting that web apps are not so fast and to make them fast they need something else, just using HTML5 and JS is not good enough apparently.


Dude, everything is dead :slight_smile: I’ve developed software for quite some time and it seems every language/technology has been declared “dead” at some point, sometimes “dead on arrival”, sometimes even died multiple times like Java. To me, it’s always been a people and not a tech problem. Greed, not-invented-here syndrome, and difficulty working together instead of creating competing “standards” (referencing your 15-standards-post :slight_smile: )

Thanks for fighting this good fight with this community you’ve created. I really resonate with much of what everyone discusses here.

This post inspires me to share a music video I created last year that references the plight of the application developer, especially as it relates to FUD & “standards”. Enjoy :slight_smile:

30+ secs of "dying languages"

Beginning of music video “A Day in the Life of an Application Developer”


thanks, I would just add that it is extremely hard to kill a language


agreed, latin is still used. No language is truly dead - I’m only tongue-in-cheek when I refer to dead ones! If you look closely at the tombstones for each dead language in the video, you’ll see the dates are the same as the day each was born :wink: