Website able to be installed as desktop apps

Discourse was updated recently and after that update the browser showed an Install button in the location bar that made it possible to install the website as an app. This was very similar to a feature that has existed on mobile devices for some time.


It was pretty cool. After install I could find that site / app in my applications, switch to it by app switching keyboard shortcut and so on. I don’t remember the name of this feature or if this is a progress web app but it’s nice.

This might be one of a few alternative solutions for some companies or individuals who want to continue to use Flash Player sites on or after 2020. You can leave FP disabled in your main browser but have a separate installed app that has it enabled.

Update: It is a progressive web app

And yet again they try to sell you HTML as an app, it’s not
at best HTML can be a cheap way to produce the UI of an app
all the rest is bullshit

all the React/Angular/etc. SPA, Progressive Web Apps, etc.
those are pure bullshit

if you don’t do server side rendering, your SPA is just dead weight

I’m wondering when people will wake up and realise that

it always the same logic when you go through that rabbit hole:
once you decide all the apps can be done with HTML, then anything else is heresy

I was very upset when people would say, “…just use HTML5” as if it was any sort of alternative to FP. It’s not. We all know that. But I like it for running a site with some desktop app like operating system benefits. Simply being able to alt tab (not browser tabs) is a nice addition.

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The best thing that could happen, would even be launching a new web browser that would accept Flash Player without restrictions. A web browser that had its desktop and mobile version. Something like that should have surfaced before the arrival of 2020… Would be a good response to other browsers that block Flash Player. :blush:

On the desktop it is possible, on mobile not possible.