What are you working on?


All is in the title :smile:

so what are you using ActionScript 3.0 for nowadays ?

Are you working on a web project ? an AIR desktop or mobile project ?
a server project maybe? all of them together ?


I’m just making games and fooling around, as usual. :slight_smile: I use Flash because of how incredibly easy it is to get working. For example, I could learn Voronoi Diagrams, and start making art based on it, within minutes!
(Last Wednesday) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CdvAxi5WoAEYEgG.jpg

Also recently, after the most recent Flash Player patch, my followers have noticed that using one specific feature of one of my games (pressing enter in a console) actually crashes the plugin! I wonder what the Flash Player team could possibly have done to affect the actual game so drastically :\ I’m really reluctant to try to patch that.


nice :slight_smile:
I kind of do the opposite but it’s the same reason
I first dev the logic and structure without any gfx
but later I know I can easily add nice graphics to the lot

nobody’s code is perfect
the bug you got could have been caught if you had tested with the beta
and from my experience it’s more likely the bug is in your code than Adobe
but it could be anything as it is a bug without details or description …



We are working since 2010 on a large Flex application for an education company.
Currently we are developing a mobile application for android/ios using Flex too. It works incredibly well on recent devices (especially ios devices), so performance, which was a major drawback five years ago is not a problem anymore.

Since 2011, we choose not to jump in the javascript wagon until we no longer have choice, it’s 2016 and we still have choice :wink: so using the flash platform (Flash runtime, AIR, Flex, Feather etc…) is a no brainer for us.


I’m working on my own Air Apps/Games when I can find the time. Engaging with users who give feedback is awesome. Professionally paying the rent with video animation using adobe after effects which I consider flash on crack Breaking my heart doing HTML5 animations for advertizing. Have two new games in development, looking at crowd funding to give me more time to spend on them. I get adverts in games are a revenue stream and a good way to have a preview version of your game/app, I would rather work on the model of withholding content until a player pays with no in app purchasing. Want to make time this year to make my first simple ANE. Also looking at steam as another way to distribute, just not close enough to a product yet to spend the $us100.



Good to know that about Flex

from a different angle it’s kind of the same for the Display List in general
eg. even if you use pure AS3 and good old display (vs Starling/Feather) you can still get good perf

totally agreeing on that, not saying that JS is bad but definitively too much hyped

especially on the mobile side, picking up JS + a wrapper for mobile could kill a project

hence why AS3 and AIR imho is a good choice as it allows code reuse and stable environment for publishing on mobile


AIR is definetely a weapon of choice for mobile development. The word should be spread more widely that it is suitable not only for games but for applications too : you can get native like applications for both major platforms (windows os is not an AIR target but is it really a problem since its market shares are extremely low ?) using a single code base with the benefits of a mature langage and robust frameworks like apache Flex.


yep definitively

and for windows os (or windows store more exactly) not a problem at all

  • a normal 32-bit / 64-bit app install fine on Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    AIR can do that
  • not only the market share is low but look at the Stack Overflow report
    a lot of dev are feeling away from it
  • Microsoft is working on bridge technology that will port iOS/Android app or desktop app to the windows store


working on facebook Flash & AIR games :slight_smile: ( casual & educationals)


We are working since 2010 on a large Flex application for an education company.
we are developing a mobile application for android/ios using Flex too.
It works incredibly well on recent devices (especially ios devices), so
performance, which was a major drawback five years ago is not a problem

We too. Our project, is a large TMS Flex App. 100+ Windows interface, everyone build dinamically. Since 2011.


I don’t know anything about the plugin patches, but I doubt they publish a beta ~4 months prior to release. The bug might have something to do with losing focus on a text box. The entire swf just turns grey without any messages. Just, poof! Frustrating, haha. That being said, I’ve had “bugs” where the issue was something very internal and unrelated.


Last few year android/ios stuff only. Games and apps.


Adobe Flash Player Beta on Adobe Labs
for the last few years you have the beta of AIR and Flash there

for bugs you can go here https://bugbase.adobe.com/

example: Bug 3223393 - Firefox Window loses focus every time Flash plugin processes are (re-)launched

it’s not perfect, not all bug get fixed the next release etc.
but it’s there


I’m learning Starling/Feathers (better late than never) after a hiatus of not-experimenting-or-playing-with-recent-tech.
So I’m making a desktop Twitter client https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CVPPD3dUkAAMBjw.png:large , I don’t have much time available everyday (Mon-Fri) so I can only work on it like for 1 hour if I’m lucky (been working on it for months).

I’m looking forward to make some simple games and publish them on the PlayStore :slight_smile:


OK my turn to answer the question, even if I don’t like it (a bit supersticious talking about on going projects)

right now, I’m working on a real-time chat

it’s basically a follow up on some experiments I did with redtamarin in the past but this time I made a product

the setup is that

  • server-side: redtamarin
  • web-client: SWF
  • mobile-client: AIR
  • desktop-client: AIR

that’s basically why I picked up AS3, for me it is the fastest way to go to production and target numerous clients right from the beginning to achieve a first viable product.

I’m not gonna give a deadline (I’m super bad with deadlines, if I give one I’m sure to miss it) but I have different goals and challenges which I will details in another post.


Fun topic, I’ll bite :wink:

We currently have 3 apps on the go, all using Starling/Feathers.

  1. Profilze (Social Media App) (http://www.profilze.com)
    Built with Starling/Feathers with a ZendAMF Server back-end. Fun little side project for our group, getting some pretty decent traction, but has a lot of growing up to do.

  2. HomeRun Agent Messenger (Real Estate Communication Tool) (http://www.homefolio.ca)
    This app is currently being rebuilt from the ground up. It originally started off as a Flex desktop app, then we added 2 Flex mobile clients, but the clients performance just didn’t cut it, so we decided to rebuild it all in Feathers and move all the functionality of the desktop and 2 apps into 1 app using Starling/Feathers.

We’ll be relaunching soon, and the performance of this app is amazing.

  1. Gout Hero. (Alpha Stage)
    Another Starling/Feathers app that is a logging/analytics app. This is our only non-server product.

Moving from Flex to Feathers(MXML) was a true game changer for us. the performance and ease of development is simply incredible. I can’t say enough good things about Daniel, Josh and the entire AS3 community that has weathered the storm. I know for me, it’s been well worth it. Where were at now with mobile performance is amazing.

About Text Editor and IDE
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webgame in shanghai…


sound interesting :slight_smile:, can you give a bit more details?

my theory is I think there are many game studio in china that use AS3
but because of the language barrier we don’t really hear about them.

About Text Editor and IDE

I’m really excited about our latest finished project, it’s our first Augmented Reality app made for both iOS and Android platforms. It’s called EmocionesA4 and our client was Audi Mexico. It makes use of Starling and Away3D for the graphics, and the IN2AR engine for the AR. Here’s a demo video showcasing the different AR experiences. And here’s a blog post if you want to know a little more about it.

I’m currently learning how to use the Citrus Engine because we’re in the initial process of making an endless runner game at work. And on my spare time I’m going to be playing with a new Kinect V2 and see what I can come up with. :smile: