What's your age range?


Being a forum focused on AS3, I wonder if many of us here are of somewhat similar age bracket: somewhere between 30-45. Many of us probably have a kid or two… or three?

I have two little girls myself. I’m fortunate enough to have a job that lets me work from home to focus on dev when I feel it’s necessary. I get a lot more done this way. Juggling 6 balls is one thing, now add a a 3 and a 4 year old, buzzing with energy to the mix. My concentration muscles (you know the ones, right where that headache is) are getting a fair workout.

Unnatural acts of concentration

About in the same situation except for the family part.

Let’s say I’m in the early 40s :stuck_out_tongue:
and yeah lucky enough too to be able to work from home

let’s say a typical day is 8 to 10h remote work, usually sysadmin / server-side programming, and about 4h+ of open source or personal project

the lucky part is being able to spend 2-3 days in total isolation on things like redtamarin.


I was born 1990 . i had worked 4 years.


I’m 33, have a half year boy :slight_smile:
Also lucky to work from home. Main project is Flex app for Android and iOS:
You will not be able to try it, because it is distributed internally between taxi drivers that pay for it.
In general Flex works for us very well, on modern devices you will not notice differences in performance against native apps, same codebase for UI for both platforms + a lot of ANEs written by me or bought.

In free time I’m working under my own startup built on Starling for iOS and Android (hopefully will be released soon) and helping my friend porting his Android app to iOS native. Obj-C and iOS architecture I’ve learned by writing native extensions for Adobe AIR, and then swift, it is like AS4 should be :wink: I developed a lot of extensions for Android too, but I don’t like Java with its spaghetti code, so never succeeded with writing native app from the scratch for Android.

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Hi there,

I’m 42 years old. My daughter is 19 years old…

I play with actionscript for a long time (at the time it was Macromedia). I write some ANEs and other pieces of code…

I am delighted that the Flash community wakes up slowly … :wink:




Just past 40’s, 2 kids, 2 cats (has been as many as 4), writing code since 1979, studying electronics and computer logic since even before that.