Which IAP ANE for Adobe Air

I want to use or buy an ANE that supports IAP for IOS and Android in one. Can somebody point me in the right direction.

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Yes. From my recent experience, I integrated IAP into my games (Airapport) without any SDKs, using Ehnance.

This is my post on the Russian forum: http://flashgamedev.ru/viewtopic.php?p=219027#p219027

I’ll translate it now and post here

So, in your game you make up of a code of the purchase. Let it be “purch_noads”.

To check, if the player has the purchase, use the function Enhance.purchases.isItemOwned("purch_noads")

In your game’s shop interface, add a “Purchase” button. It will launch the code
Enhance.purchases.attemptPurchase("product_name", onPurchaseSuccess, onPurchaseFailed),

Also your interface must have the button “Restore purchases”. It should call the function Enhance.purchases.manuallyRestorePurchases(onRestoreSuccess, onRestoreFailed);

In the shop interface, to show the correct price and description, use the functions:
Enhance.purchases.getDisplayTitle(“product_name”, “default title”);
Enhance.purchases.getDisplayDescription(“product_name”, “default description”);

Then you compile your game. Then you enter https://enhance.co and you select, that you want to integrate IAP:

After this the actual IAP code will be injected right into the bytecode of your game. And you can distribute the game to the store.

I wondered how Enhance can be fee so I checked ToS and I noticed that they reserve the right to track users behaviour not just for integrated services but also themselves:

…you agree that we may collect data related to an end user’s use of the App during the App’s incorporation of the Platform, including an end user’s access to the App Content and interaction with the App, App Content and/or any services provided via the Platform (collectively, the “Data”). For example, when an end user interacts with any App Content, we may deploy tracking technologies on behalf of third party services which you have integrated into the App (“Third Party Services”), on your behalf, and/or, on our own behalf, to record information about such interaction and any other information required to fulfill our obligations to you and any Third Party Services…

When we collect Data on our own behalf, we will use such Data to maintain and improves our Services and for other internal business purposes related to the provision of our Services.

@Airapport how do you feel about that out of interest? Is this something you need to make users aware of as part of your own ToS? Do you think they monetize that data or are just ramping up interest and will start charging once they git critical mass?

Hi @tobyski, please take a look at a previous thread
Easy way to integrate Admob, Unity Ads and all the other SDKs

@Menard1965 and @ugo etc. have a look also at
How to set up a Subscription for an iOS App?

in short, anything that is billing/purchase/etc. will at least involve ANE and/or a 3rd party service
so if you kind of want to “do it on the cheap”, as not compile your own ANE, and/or not host your own store, etc. you will be without a solution

Before when Adobe was still publishing the gaming SDK, they published some ANE
and even their sources at the time: Gaming SDK ANEs - Universal 64-bit support (Web Archive), but that was around 2015

in 5 years things have changed off course,
for example nobody even published the ANE_Resources.zip on Github or somewhere
(I may find it in some old archives I keep around but don’t hold your breath)
and nobody kept maintaining it as open source

so now an indie dev has basically 2 choices

  • built it yourself, so compiling ANE, hosting your own store etc.
    and all that is hard and lengthly
  • rely on a 3rd party with various (and dubious?) business model
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I worked at Enhance for some time, at that time the income was purely from the SDK providers. Like, any ad network would pay to easily reach more developers.
(If the developer has integrated, for example, AdMob, using Enhance, switching to another SDK will mean just selecting another checkbox in the interface)

Recently a paid tier for the developer was added, which provides dedicated support and other things.

Well, I think, yes, in the Privacy Policy you should list Enhance among the other 3rd party services which your game uses, for it integrates also own Enhace ads (which are shown on the very rare occasions when there are no other ads available)


You can use our ANE to support iOS and Android via a single API. It currently supports the following payment services:

  • Apple’s InApp Purchases
  • Google Play Billing
  • Amazon In-App Purchasing
  • Huawei In App Purchases


That’s cool! How does the pricing work? Is it $70 per game per year?

No, it’s unlimited apps.

The cost is for a single user access to support and updates and is charged yearly, with a 30% discount for subsequent years.

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