Who all here is still using Flash CS6 Pro?


Who all here is still using Flash CS6 Pro?

I am – and for very large apps.


you use whatever you want but I’m wondering why are you not using the SDK?

either Flex SDK merged with AIR SDK?
or AIR SDK with ASC2?

I mean, you don’t have to use any Flash CS6, Flash CC or Animate CC to compile AIR or Flash stuff


Why Flash Pro over SDK.

About 80-85% of my stuff is pure AS3. Not MXML, just pure Actionscript.

The rest in the fairly complex .SWF libraries.
Most of this is for UI stuff.

As I understand it,
I would need to make AS3 versions of all the SWF UI stuff to reliably port everything to the FLEX + AIR SDK route.

At least, that’s what the Apache SDK guys said.

Time, has prohibited this port.

I know I need to get to the SDK sooner rather than later, because each time I have to move machines, I fear that CS6 won’t install. PLUS I hate the Adobe Bonjour tracking that runs in the background.


humm …

100% of my stuff is pure AS3, I never use MXML

well … not exactly

the “trick” is to work your complex UI stuff inside Flash CS6 or other Flash CC / Animate CC
define symbol names and export a SWC instead of a SWF

then in your pure AS3 code you refer to that SWC and program around it

with a SWC you will just have to import your symbol
for ex

import assets.anim.VeryComplicatedUI;


var ui:Sprite = new VeryComplicatedUI();
addChild( ui )

alternatively you can still export a “dump” SWF and embed it

see ActionScript 3 Embed

the part where

package assets.anim
    [Embed(source="file.swf", symbol="SymbolName")]
    public class VeryComplicatedUI extends Sprite

You can embed everything without the need of the Flex SDK classes

but you do need the Flex SDK merged with the AIR SDK
or the AIR SDK compiler (the one using ASC2)
to compile the code