Why an as3lang community?

For the last 15 years or so, you had different places where people (developers, designers, etc.) could go and discuss things related to the Flash Platform, the ActionScript Language, etc.

You had the flashcoders mailing list, the osflash wiki and hosting projects, then came the buzz of blogging and had the Adobe XML News Aggregator, and other web forums from actionscript.org, senocular, to gotoAndLearn, to flashkit, to kirupa and few hundred other resources (sorry to not mention them all).

At that “ancient” time I did my small part too with a french newsgroup nicknamed FCNG (FlashCodeurs Next Generation).

It could take many forms: mailing list, blog, web forum, newsgroup, etc. it would start, people would come and share, and then after few years the thing would vanish or get shut down for whatever reasons.

But one thing is sure, while it lasted, anyone of these were a great resource to get inspired by others, to ask/answer questions, to feel part of a community.

Fast forward today, 2016, what do we got now ?

Since the “Thoughts on Flash”, where you see a genius Steve Jobs using every single excuses in the book to protect his own platform against the enemy of what could be Flash online virality, followed by hordes of “flash haters” singing along every chance they get “Flash is dead”, and a shy Adobe who decided that finally it was not worth it to protect nor defend this Flash brand.

So what do we got? well… not much.

You still can find the isolated blog post about Adobe AIR, you can find few remnants of communities, some on FaceBook: Stage3D Actionscript123, some on Google+: Flash Platform, and the de facto forums like StackOverflow: Flash, ActionScript 3 and many other tags, to some deadbeat forums like the one from Adobe: ActionScript 3 and few others.

And here is my problem, I don’t recognize myself in any of those, or let’s put it another way: if I had to pick one place where I knew you will get the latest news (as few as it is) I could not simply pick one, thinking “yeah that’s where all the flash coders are today”.

All those different places spread thin our community.

When we were few hundred of thousands (or more, millions maybe?), being spread on different forums it was normal and even healthy.

But now, after many years of this “Flash is dead” relayed by many medias, because you know it’s good commerce to use clickbait, Adobe who have apparently decided to not communicate anymore about Flash even though they update frantically the runtimes, all these lead to much smaller numbers.

Simply put, 10 dev in one place it’s a community, but 10 dev spread on 10 forums it’s basically many lonely dev wondering what they are doing there.

And the problem with this kind of loneliness, it creates doubt, fear, uncertainty, etc. and ultimately, even if the technology is good and not dying at all, what can kill the Flash Platform is the death of its community.

That’s why this forum exists now.
It’s only purpose: gather around all communities into a bigger one.

It’s all about numbers, more people mean more knowledge sharing, more questions answered, more blog posts read and posted news, … more everything really.

I can not do this alone, nobody can, I’ll try to post some content to get things started a little, but mainly I need you.

I need you to vote with your feet, express your voice, you have all the freedom to do that here, create content, spread the word, and if we are a bit lucky, maybe we could grow some kind of descent community.



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This is the best forum engine out there!!! It works great on desktop as well as mobile. It is clear and newschool with so many social features! Well done zwetan :wink: