With Great Power Comes Great Fuckery


Now that Google Chrome reign supreme on all browsers (the great power part)
guess what a company with the motto of “Don’t be evil” is doing ?

But off course, they f*ck you right in the *** (the fuckery part)
and I wish I was just exaggerating for funsies …

If you can overlook my crudeness for 5 seconds and read what is bellow
well … you might think “hey he is not that crude finally”

First news

Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently
How many ad blocks could an ad slinger block if an ad slinger could block blocks?

and second news

Google Expands Access to 15-Second Non-Skippable Video Ads

Yeah it’s does hurt but that’ business as usual for such big company
“Users? what users? gimme my money you mofo!!!”

As any other millions of users on the Internet using a browser, you probably already installed an ad blocker,

and if you’re bit nerdy you soon realised that something like Adblock Plus was not really blocking all the things (because companies are paying them to whitelist some of their ads)

so you pulled the big guns and installed something like uBlock Origin

because “Ads shall not pass”

And yeah Ads provider do not like that, it is bad for business.

So Google first strategy was to propose their own ad blocker, integrated into Google Chrome
see How Chrome’s built-in ad blocker will work when it goes live tomorrow


The most important thing to know is that this is not an alternative to AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin. Instead, it’s Google’s effort to ban the most annoying ads from your browser. So it won’t block all ads — just those that don’t conform to the Coalition for Better Ads guidelines. When Google decides that a site hosts ads that go against these guidelines, it’ll block all ads on a given site — not just those annoying prestitials with a countdown or autoplaying video ads with sound.

the problem is that the only guideline users want to tolerate about ads is “No Ads at all, period”,
so they kept installing and using things like uBlock Origin, etc.

basically saying to Google’s Better Ads guidelines, “shove it up yours”

With their best Korben Dallas voice, Google came back with

You wanna play it soft. We’ll play it soft.
You wanna play it hard. Let’s play it hard.

and same as with the Flash plugin they decided to block directly all that at the browser level

voila, if they remove the little piece of machinery that prevent uBlock Origin and other ad blockers to work, well… it’s game over! you’ll be able to install them but they will be rendered useless duh!

Here comes Manifest v3 pointed out by The Register article

Manifest v3 refers to the specification for browser extension manifest files, which enumerate the resources and capabilities available to browser extensions. Google’s stated rationale for making the proposed changes is to improve security, privacy and performance, and supposedly to enhance user control.

“Users should have increased control over their extensions,” the design document says. “A user should be able to determine what information is available to an extension, and be able to control that privilege.”

But one way Google would like to achieve these goals involves replacing the webRequest API with a new one, declarativeNetRequest.

The webRequest API allows extensions to intercept network requests, so they can be blocked, modified, or redirected. This can cause delays in web page loading because Chrome has to wait for the extension. In the future, webRequest will only be able to read network requests, not modify them.

The declarativeNetRequest allows Chrome (rather than the extension itself) to decide how to handle network requests, thereby removing a possible source of bottlenecks and a potentially useful mechanism for changing browser behavior.

“The declarativeNetRequest API provides better privacy to users because extensions can’t actually read the network requests made on the user’s behalf,” Google’s API documentation explains.

yep, Google will decide which network requests are good for the users, it is for their own good, it is to increase their security and privacy … LOL

nope, declarativeNetRequest is just here to let Google decide that those ads requests should pass

in fact pretty well stated in the article is this

This is a key point to note: Google and other internet advertising networks apparently pay Adblock Plus to whitelist their online adverts, hence the special love for this particular plugin – and the middle finger to everyone else. Meanwhile, Google has bunged its own basic ad blocking into its browser.

Without being able to intercept network requests the ad blockers like uBlock Origin are dead in the water, hey like Flash :slight_smile:

And to add insult to injury, as if splashing HTML5 video ads that autoplay right in your face was not enough, Google pile on and bring you that great user feature: 15-Seconds Non-Skippable Video Ads, omg so good, we are so blessed that Google is in charge of the browser experience now!!!

read that

Google is giving all advertisers the ability to run 15-second non-skippable video ads.

Previously, these ads were only available to select advertisers through YouTube reservation, which is similar to Google Preferred.

Google is bringing the 15-second non-skippable video ad format from YouTube over to Google Ads and Display and Video 360.

In an announcement, the company states:

“Today we’re expanding access to advertisers running auction campaigns. Recognizing that advertisers should have access to the full range of creative options regardless of how they buy – whether in advance via reservation or in the Google Ads auction.”

Advertisers can utilize 15-second non-skippable video ads by going to Google Ads or Display and Video 360 and setting up a new campaign.

The ads will be displayed across YouTube and Google video ad partners.

man … if only we could still rely on ad blockers to block that kind of shit, but no Google already took care of that.

We are f*cked my friends, the only tool we have left is blocking all that shit at the DNS level

go and read the following How to block ads like a pro from Malwarebytes Labs
scroll down till you reach the part about pi-hole.


First they cursed Flash
Later they regret, so copy paste all.bad advertising practice
Real fucker