Wonderfl archive


At the beginning of March 2017 wonderfl announced they will close their web site
on March 31, 2017 (Friday) at 14 o'clock.

■『wonderfl』 サービス終了のお知らせ(2017年3月末)

この度、2017年3月31日(金) 14時をもちまして、すべてのサービスを終了させていただくことになりました。



2017年3月31日(金) 14時頃



which translate to

■ Notice of “wonderfl” service termination (as of the end of March 2017)

Thank you for always using “wonderfl”.
This time, we will close all services on March 31, 2017 (Friday) at 14 o’clock.

Since starting this service, we have used it for so many people so far,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you for your understanding.

■ Service end date and time

Friday, March 31, 2017 (around 14 o’clock) * After the service ends, you can not use and view any postings including past post codes.

■ Management Team Thank you for your message

Since publishing in December 2008, “wonderfl” has been used by all over the world as a place of encounter between creative works and creators.
The change in the external environment surrounding technology called Flash has led to a judgment of confusion such as closing, but as a result of this service, we were able to meet many people and have a long time together, all the management team There is no thing to forget.
I sincerely thank you for your patronage over the long term. Thank you very much.

Feeling that a big pan of Flash and ActionScript 3 history would vanish forever
and motivated by few others who shared the feeling that “an archive should be made available”
I decided to go and try to archive a big chunk of the wonderfl content.

This archive should have most of the content, close to 99% of it,
but some things could be missing

  • any status 404 returned by wonderfl
  • any status 404 or unreacheable assets from external URL
  • any streaming and/or dynamic content
  • any unsafe file misnamed, malformed, binary, etc.
  • some codes id
  • some users id

The archiving followed this process

  • store the code id of code ranking
    from page 1 to page 20000
  • store the user id of user ranking
    from pafe 1 to 5000
  • loop trough the list of code id
    • create a code directory
    • save the HTML page
    • save the code json from wonderfl API
    • download the code thumbnail (normal size)
    • download the code thumbnail (100 size)
    • download the code SWF
    • download the code zip
  • loop trough the list of user id
    • create a user directory
    • save the user json from wonderfl API
    • save the user codes json from wonderfl API
    • loop trough the list of user codes id
      • if not already archived
        • create a code directory
        • save the HTML page
        • save the code json from wonderfl API
        • download the code thumbnail (normal size)
        • download the code thumbnail (100 size)
        • download the code SWF
        • download the code zip
  • loop trough the list of code id
    • scan all the URL starting with http:// or https://
    • if found save the URL path into the assets path
    • replace the URL inside the code json and save as a copy _assets.json
  • loop trough the list of code id
    • read the HTML page
    • scan for tags and keywords
    • load the json file, augment the data with tags and keywords
    • save the updated json

Here some statistics:

  • 186699 codes id have been archived
  • 41678 user id have been archived
  • codes data is 20GB
  • users data is ~800MB
  • assets data is 2GB
  • total data is 23GB

The goal is to create a read-only archive

  • you will not be able to create new projects
  • you will not be able to edit source code
  • you will not be able to compile a project

The archive will be provided “as is”, we did not check nor verify all of the content,
we reserve the right to take down some of the content.

In a near future (let’s say by the end of April) the archive will be publicly and freely available on an as3lang.org subdomain, probably wonderfl-archive.as3lang.org.

Ideally I would have found the time to convert the raw data into a database (probably CouchDB) and it will allow to search by string, tags, keywords, etc. simply put browse/view/download that archived content.

Maybe/probably will try to make the whole project open source so people can contribute/edit the content via Github.

If you have opinions/comments/ideas/etc. please use this thread.

Wonderfl archive: How wonderfl

this is amazing work, thank you for doing this.


Still any working community like this?

Should we make an as3 playground?
Learn, share, teach, show-off


I mean if this technology is destined to survive
it has to be visible and be attractive to new people.

Also I need to train, of course, and do it alone but
searching the whole web every time for best practices.


please ignore @Noanger , this is a user who keep abusing the forum and get banned on regular basis.

so for the rest of the topic, playgrounds like wonderfl
would not reallty be possible once all the browsers decide to not support Flash anymore

but yeah, in general, a community need forums / tutorials / blog posts / etc.
not really to survive but more to exchange ideas and stuff

I havea couple of things planed but need a bit more time to show that around


Well already ‘click & allow’ for the next two years
and ideally ‘for ever’ with your browser

It’s ok I entered with too much energy
And I know little


no it’s not forever

Chrome update can overnight stop supporting the Flash plugin

that means you will have the Flash plugin installed on your system,
you will visit a web page with SWF contents,
and you will not be able to see/run that SWF content

see Saying goodbye to Flash in Chrome

We will remove Flash completely from Chrome toward the end of 2020.


Well, a joke, I keep using Animate CC
They offer some kind of translation I never use
But I am learning that kind of mix anyway
Don’t know if Apache Flex is trying to do anything like that
Anyway our effort will get to somewhere
maybe not so inmediate as internet
but useful