Wow Adobe TV somehow is back?


In the last few years, one thing that was a bit sad is that all the great content you could find on Adobe TV was gone.

If you were to navigate to, you would basically find links that redirect to other parts of Adobe site.

If you were to try to find web archives of some specific Adobe TV pages, you would most of the time not find them and get this 500 error redirect.

But it seems that some content are still alive, videos and everything.

Looky here

I checked few videos and they work :slight_smile:

so here few links with content

ADC Presents
The Adobe Developer Connection (ADC) is your source for technical articles and how-to videos that cover Adobe developer products and technologies.


ActionScript 1:1 with Doug Winnie
In this series, Doug Winnie shows you how to get up and running with ActionScript. Learn how to use ActionScript to manipulate objects, create event handlers and timers, and create a simple project.


Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR lets developers use proven web technologies to build rich Internet applications that run outside the browser on multiple operating systems.

yeah the content is old, but still it’s great that it is available again

hoping it is not a fluke and that content will vanish later :roll_eyes:


Howmany nights I spent watching Adobe TV videos… There was a time in my life, around the end of 90s onwards, that I used to read Flash related books all the time. I had a huge library. I especially liked Friends of Ed publications. Always searching for Flash related content and tutorials. Then AIR came, and countless nights watching Flash/AIR videos. I am glad Adobe TV is back, hopefully new content son.


if you want to view Adobe TV like when it was in 2011-2012 , go to web archive.
Several series including Adobe MAX is no longer exists on the site BUT the videos are still hosted there up until now.

Back in 2018, I was able to catch several video series from Adobe TV .
I have created post here:


pretty cool thread you created here, direct link to the videos
I like a lot :slight_smile: