Yet Another Flash-Killer


Announced last May
HTML5 by Default for Google Chrome

It comes into action with Google Chrome v55.0
(I mean seriously version 55, fifty five ? … )

and everyone see that as the death of Flash (again)

here some examples and comments.

Wired - Google finally kills off Flash as the default player in Chrome

Making true on its promise, Google now blocks Adobe Flash by default on its Chrome browser.

As part of Chrome 55, Adobe’s Flash will be replaced by HTML5.

haha “Adobe’s Flash will be replaced by HTML5” sounds like wishful thinking,
not very informed article (I guess the writer had no clues)

but here another quote from it

“This kind of Flash slows you down. HTML5 is much lighter and faster, and publishers are switching over to speed up page loading and save you more battery life. You’ll see an improvement in responsiveness and efficiency for many sites.”

Let me translate that for you:

Now that Google decided to not support Flash Ads anymore
then it is in all their interest to push harder for HTML5

the arguments (or excuses) are the same bullshit as usual: speed up page loading, battery life, etc.

I can guarantee you that you don’t need Flash to have slow website, I got a system with 64GB of RAM and Chrome is eating easily 20GB of RAM just to display HTML pages without Flash, and conveniently there is no more about:memory to see the details.

Search the web for “Chrome” and “RAM” and you will see a huge amount of people complaining about Why Chrome Uses So Much Freaking RAM, to the point that you have a special entry in Chrome help named Reduce Chrome memory.

Flash is used as a scapegoat (since 2010).

Your web pages are slow? that’s Flash fault.
Site web are full of scam and insecure? that’s Flash fault.
Battery life running out? that’s Flash fault.

Well… it’s what Google want you to believe, I mean really? Google who pride themselves to only hire the smartest of the smartest, who dedicates horde of engineering power into their Chrome browser are defeated by what? a simple plugin.

The Register - Google proudly regards dented shovel as Flash lies supine on the floor

Google’s long-promised farewell-to-Flash took another step last week , with the Chocolate Factory announcing it’s off-by-default for most users, in most cases.

From Chrome 55, Google’s browser will check sites to see if they support HTML5. If so, Chrome will run the auto-play video ad proceed to play video; if not, the user will be prompted to run Flash, if they want.

First, WTF with this title? the link read as “Google killing Flash slowly” … but the title sounds like a bad joke, I guess we can call that restrained irony ?

They must know they article is full of shit but they have no other choices to offer the clickbait as it works so well …

At least they list the 10 sites being “whitelisted”

and they point out

Chrome release also includes 36 security fixes, the most serious of which are in the V8 JavaScript Engine

OK …

In fact, let’s go back to the intro of the article with that other little joke

run the auto-play video ad

it’s striked out but it is probably the true reason of this “let’s block Flash” move from Google

Have you not noticed what happened to the web lately?

Every single freaking video which are now played trough HTML5 now autoplay in your face,
I even encountered web sites where 3 or more videos all autoplay at the same time on the same page

That’s basically what Google is promoting with this “move”, they want to sell advertising, they want to be able to tell their customers “oh yeah your video ads will autoplay”

They secured this feature with HTML5.

My opinion is still the same, browsers still have to provide Flash because users want to consume Flash content on the web, this very same SWF content has not been replaced by HTML5.

It’s been 6+ years they keep repeating “Flash is dead”, that they wish HTML5 could replace it, but it seems the “old” Flash content are still not replaced while at the same time they are not that much “new” HTML5 content.

If users have seen that Chrome was eating their RAM I think users will also notice that Flash content is harder to access and I think they will complain about it.

One thing I know for sure is that browser hegemony is not guaranteed, Netscape was defeated by IE6 which was defeated by Firefox which then was defeated by now Chrome, but it can change again.

I would not be surprised to see a MS Edge browser coming to macOS and Linux (see Bringing ChakraCore to Linux and OS X), Microsoft already clearly went after Node.js (see Ommm… devs, align your Chakra, whispers Microsoft, you don’t need Google’s V8…) so yeah they could go after Chrome for the very same reasons.

When a user who really want to consume SWF content get pissed off by Chrome and he/she got a nice alternative with MS Edge, what do you think they gonna do? Switch browser.

Let me give one last example, remember about Youtube announcing how they switched from the Flash player as their default video player to HTML5?

some users did not like that and they wanted to continue to use Flash as their default video players,
and then those addon appeared in Firefox

The last one mention this

Why you should try this add-on? Because for a lot of people the HTML5 player is laggy and consumes much more material resources (CPU, RAM) than Flash® Player. Once installed you have nothing to do and you can easily switch between both players if needed. Plus, this add-on also works for embedded YouTube™ videos, and if more than 300k people are using it it’s because it works for them! Give it a try!

That’s basically 500K+ users that tell Youtube and Firefox that they do not want HTML5 to play video.

And btw there is also the same kind of extensions for Chrome, see Flash® Player for YouTube™.

My point is that not all users necessarily accept the bullshit that the browser try to force upon them.


lots of your work is say flash not die.
did adobe think so?


that’s my whole point, it’s not for Google or Adobe or Apple or anyone else
to decide if Flash must/should/have to die

it’s about what the users want


I think “Flash dying” on the browser can also have a positive effect on the ActionScript language and AS community, to the detriment of Google the search engine. The main thing I notice is that flash was used for 3 things

  1. Ad’s
  2. Games
  3. RIA
    The part that people are/where upset about was Ad’s and that’s the part that Google wants gone so its harder to block. Apple probably want browser based Games and RIA gone, so they can get their cut on the store. I say fine lets play their game. It’s mostly easy to port Games and RIA to AIR and the Ad’s will go HTML. The end result?

We are still writing code the same way, port for both stores and web. Yes there is a hassle in dealing with the stores and whitelisting a site, but in a few years “Flash” will not be seen as Ad’s but instead only as Games and Apps both web and store. “HTML5/JS” becomes the new whipping boy because it is now “Ad’s”, and I see that as being a detriment to the browser not Flash because people will gravitate to dedicated Apps and known sites and less likely to just surf around. I see this change already with family and friends, why use google to poke around and sift out the white noise. They know what they want, download it, use it, done. Word of mouth is the “new” search engine.


Yeah I kind of agree with all that positive effect.

But wether a tech is seen as positive or not doesn’t really matters to the dev who decide to use that particular tech, as long as it “works for me” from the dev POV, all the rest is mainly a game of smokes and mirrors between the different vendors and other providers.

And that’s the whole irony of the thing, at the end of the day it is all about users,
and when it come to developers, those are the users of the vendors and other providers of tech.

When Apple ban Flash from iOS, sure it is mainly to avoid those web games and apps to detract from the app store way of doing things, but it was also a land grab on developers: “nope, if you want to dev for my platform you gonna have to use my tools, my programming language, etc.”, because they do know a platform without developers is not much.

Everyone is playing that game, from small to big vendors and providers of tech, it’s “look at my numbers, looks at all those developers using my tech, look at the number of apps”.

To me the important thing is to be able to code, publish, produce, etc. an application, the end user who gonna use the app they not gonna care what I used as dev to build it, they just care of the end result: does it work? does it solve their problem? does it make things easier to do? etc.

I could use the D language, Rust, Bash, whatever … works for me, if I can build it with it, it’s good enough.

So yeah if the Flash PR is better because it’s not anymore associated with Ads, yeah cool.
But it does not really matter to me, I don’t need people to love the tech I use to actually use that tech :smile:.

And here another ironic thing, with all the bad press that Flash get for the last few years , even if the Flash plugin is totally gone from the browsers, when a user gonna get that autoplay video ads in their face they still gonna “hate on Flash”, even if the whole thing is HTML5.


I absolutely agree with the land grab analogy and to that point I think the flash PR is important. Sure I don’t need my users to love the language, but I would rather they not hate the run-time because that is what makes my life easier. As I am sure most have to do, we need to build for multiple systems iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and the browser. If I get pushback from the users (as I do on the browser (Flash Player)), then we are forced to change tech and I certainly don’t want to have separate languages for each system, nor do I want to try and switch to an HTML/JS solution.

More dev’s on AS helps to keep the ecosystem supported. Less mobs with pitch forks about Flash allows for more dev’s not to be scared about using AS (be it AIR or web), therefore more dev’s. As you eluded to in this post, code is a living thing and AS life is a whole lot easier if Adobe | Apache | whomever keeps pushing AIR and Flash Player forward and they are less likely to do that if the angry mob is out with pitch forks.


Yes good points.

Users do not need to love the Flash player but sure if they hate it, it can indeed hurt.

Now I would argue that the content can trump the runtime, like a an exclusive game released only for PS4 and not Xbox One, some users will go and buy the console they need to have to play that particular game.

Just sayin’ when user hate a runtime it’s more about what the runtime is used for: advertising and other things that deeply annoy the users.

Good and quality content, even if the runtime has the shittiest of reputation, I don’t think it would actually stop the users.

For example, when Youtube announce that they switch from Flash to HTML5, I don’t think it’s because they received massive complaints from their users, even more when the switch create a need for an addon to roll back that kind of changes, well… I don’t want to read too much into it (numbers can be interpreted in a lot of different way) but it would indicate the opposite.

One thing is sure is that: ask the users if they like to watch Youtube videos they will unanimously answer yes, ask them is they like to watch advertising on Youtube and you’ll get a resounding no.

I do think the “flash haters” voices we see out there is really a minority (and probably with an agenda), and most (if not all) are artificially generated: clickbait articles, etc.

But yeah a community of dev is still important, it helps to have open source projects, libraries, etc. so when an AS dev want to start a project he or she does not give up from the get go as there is too much to produce.

That said, Flash/AIR “as is” (by that I mean just the default API available, no external libs or other ANE) can do quite a lot compared to things like HTML5/JS.


I agree uses are king and content attracts user, but dev’s make content and for most middle management drives what the dev’s create content with. If the middle management or users say “flash is bad” then the dev will create with something else.

I just think Adobe is in a precarious position because they were put on the back foot with flash player (justified or not). If they hang low and let Google kill the Ad part of flash and put the focus on HTML5/JS, then eventually when HTML/JS is found to be wanting and solving the problem google cared about, not what the users cared about, then things will cycle back. I think we can agree that Google does not really care about the users because that is not their customer.

I see no point railing against journalist hating on flash

  1. They are mostly just users that have a way to be heard. They complain and what they are told by Google, Apple is flash = bad, HTML5 = good.
  2. To a point they are correct in that malicious flash based Ad’s are dangerous and should be cut out. Of course the “cure” (HTML/JS) is just a placebo, but they will realize that soon then later.
  3. Those same journalist will start to complain that their problem was not solved with HTML5 (maybe is worse now) and Google, Apple will say HTML5 = bad, XXX = good. Cycle will continue.

My hope is that as long as people continue using AS, Adobe will see benefit in increasing development with the compilers and AS will be able to port to whatever XXX will be next.

edit. for spelling